Become a “The Laser Lounge Spa” Franchisee!

We did it! Finally, we are opening up The Laser Lounge Spa to franchisees across the country. Anti-aging day spas are a booming business right now, and you can get in on the action by starting up your own business with a proven leader.

You can launch or expand your practice with everything from popular skin rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Xeomin to award winning facials, medical grade skin care products, body contouring, all of the latest cutting edge aesthetic lasers and more.


What The Laser Lounge Spa Offers

We provide everything one needs to get up and running:

  • Mobile laser rentals
  • Established brand and reputation
  • Marketing material and support from our agency partner MARKIT Group
  • Training & Support from our staff, product representatives, treatment specialists, & company training events
  • Discounts on product & equipment
  • Spa design and layout services
  • 100% medical compliance in all 50 states
  • Continued client and staff support
  • Comprehensive, multi-phase certified training program
  • Superior vendor contracts and warranties

All you need to provide to start up are:

  • A retail location
  • Initial franchise fee

The Opportunity

The opportunities in this market are huge! The global wellness industry is already a $3.4 trillion market and will only continue to grow. The global spa industry was at $94 billion in 2013 with annual 7.7% growth, with beauty and anti-aging being a huge piece of those pies.

Who We’re Looking For

We want to bring in only the best partners to become a part of The Laser Lounge Spa family.

  • Medical background
  • Interested in playing a role in the company aside from just investment
  • At least one individual that can manage the business
  • Someone that is or could become a facial injector
  • A passionate esthetician

We’re excited to finally be opening up this opportunity to the public after many years of planning. We welcome you to give us a call or fill out the form on our site to get more information. There’s no pressuring salesperson, just a friendly voice to answer your questions.

Call us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation at 1-239-728-1234. Visit us at

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Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is almost upon us. It’s your chance to try out new makeup and get creative with the application. Will you go for the witch look, zombie, vampire? Or maybe you’ll create your own look this year.

Whatever you plan to be, don’t settle on it just yet until you check out these amazing Halloween makeup tutorials. You may end up changing your mind!

Modern Vampire

Want to go for a subtle costume this year? This modern vampire look is perfectly understated.


Half Skull

This awesome half-skull look will prove to all your friends that you’re the true makeup expert.


Polyanne B Youtube

Wound Makeup

Go all out with your makeup kit and try making this realistic-looking wound. When else, other than Halloween, can you go around sporting this?


Red Lips

These red lips are perfect for that vampire costume.


Harley Quinn

Are you a comic book fan? Or did you just really enjoy Suicide Squad? If you have blonde hair, you can easily pull of this Harley Quinn look.


Masquerade Mask

It looks real, doesn’t it? Don’t settle for a boring-old mask, use your makeup skills to create one.


How to remove Halloween makeup

Now, it’s one thing to put on the makeup, it’s another to get it all off at the end of the night (you can’t sleep in it!). Here’s an article with a few quick tips on how to remove that stubborn Halloween makeup so you can get to sleep!

Use items like:

  • Vaseline
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby oil
  • Baby lotion
  • Makeup remover

Make sure you have them on hand before you go out on Halloween. The last thing you need is to run to the store, all dressed up and tired, trying to by baby oil.

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Kybella: The solution for chin fat

Kybella, it’s one of our newest treatments here at The Laser Lounge Spa. We’re always looking for innovative solutions to our clients’ problems and were so glad to have found this new procedure.

For those of you who have chin fat, you know the struggle that is trying to remove it. What kind of exercise can you do to get rid of fat under your chin? It’s a real problem area for both men and women, and before Kybella you would likely have to go under the knife to remove this fat.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA approved, non-surgical injectable to reduce chin fat. The double chin, is a stubborn problem area that this injection can help target. The molecule in the injection eats away fat cells. The fat cells, once destroyed, can no longer accumulate or store fat any longer.

The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA® destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.


On, a website where people review and rate different health treatments, Kybella is at an 88% which is an excellent rating!

Kybella treatments take as little as 15-20 minutes and require no down-time or recovery. This means you can get up and get on with your day. Each treatment usually happens about 1 month apart, and more treatments may be necessary depending upon the look you want to achieve.

Who is it for?

  • If you feel that you’re unhappy or self-conscious due to chin fat, you may be a perfect candidate for Kybella.
  • If you feel that chin fat is making you look older or heavier than you actually are.
  • You don’t want to go through surgery
  • You eat well and exercise, but the problem area persists.

Check out the Kybella website to see before and after photos and to read patient stories to see how this treatment has affected their lives.

In studies, 79% of patients treated with Kybella had improved satisfaction with their appearance 12 weeks after their last treatment, compared with just 33.6% of patients that were treated with a placebo.

Where is it offered?

The Laser Lounge Spa currently offers Kybella treatments at 4 of our locations: Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers (Daniels) and Fort Myers (Verandah).


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What’s the secret to reducing cellulite?


We all hate cellulite, let’s face it. Nobody is a fan of it, but is there a way to get rid of it?

For men, cellulite can stay hidden because their skin is thicker. For women, cellulite causes dimpled skin.

That dimpled flesh that seems to congregate on the thighs of many people is something we try to get rid of with diet and exercise. But for many of us, we just don’t ever see results.

Weight Control

The main cause of cellulite is weight gain. When more fat gets added under your skin, it causes your legs to get that lumpy look. Targeting fat loss is one of the best ways to reduce cellulite. But the problem here is that for some women, they’re already at a healthy weight. Further weight loss can actually loosen the skin causing cellulite to look more noticeable.


Daily cardio workouts can help burn fat. One of the best strategies to utilize is called HIIT workouts (High intensity interval training). This involves doing short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest periods. An example is sprinting for 30 seconds and resting for 60 seconds. There are tons of sample routines out there.

Even if exercise doesn’t seem to reduce your cellulite, there’s no reason to stop your routine. Exercise can help reduce the likelihood of more fat entering your problem areas.

High Tech Solutions

Here at the Laser Lounge Spa, we’re fans of using the latest technology to give you the look you want.

One of our solutions is called SmoothShapes. This is a technique that uses Photomology in a pain-free procedure. The laser and light energy from the device liquefies fat and repairs collagen. This treatment can help give your skin a smooth appearance and remove the dimpled look of cellulite.

There are other lasers and devices you can try such as Laser Toning, Cold-Laser Massage, and VelaSmooth.


There’s a cream for everything nowadays! According to Web MD, caffeine and similar ingredients have been shown to shrink fat cells in test tubes. The jury is out on how they will work on the skin though.

Another solution is to try Retinol. This cream will help boost collagen production which will make your skin more thick and elastic. It’s a bit of a work around, as it won’t reduce cellulite, it will just make it less noticeable.

Surgical Procedures

If you’ve tried everything else and are down to the last straw there are surgical procedures to help treat your problem areas.

A new procedure called Cellulaze uses a laser under the skin to cook away fat pockets. The surgery takes a few hours, and you will need painkillers applied to the area before the procedure. Recovery times are around 3-4 weeks.

Some of these procedures are not guaranteed so it’s best to ask your doctor or an expert surgeon about their ideas.

Ready to see what the Laser Lounge Spa can do for your cellulite? Give us a call at 239-728-1234 and visit us at

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Sculpsure coming to Sarasota location

The newest Laser Lounge Spa location in Sarasota is introducing a brand new treatment!

Sculpsure is a breakthrough 25 minute body contouring service that is able to target problem areas like the abdomen and love handles, without surgery or a lengthy downtime.

Why Sculpsure?

The technology behind this service was created because although we may try to diet and exercise as much as possible, many of s still retain annoying, stubborn pockets of fat. These pockets can be very difficult to lose.

The laser used in this treatment targets and destroys those fat cells in about 25 minutes. The laser also has no affect on your skin’s surface, so don’t worry about unsightly bumps or rashes post-procedure.


These results can be seen in as little as 6-12 weeks. And the results last! Because treated fat cells will no regenerate.

One of the best parts about this process is that there is no downtime. You’re in and out of the treatment and can get on with your day.

Want to learn more about Sculpsure and all it can do? Check out their website to see before and afters, testimonials, and more.

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How sunlight can damage your skin


Since we are based in Florida, we know the dangers of excessive sun exposure. It can happen daily if you are not careful. As Floridians, when we head to the beach we know we must lather up with the proper sunscreen first and reapply after a few hours, because if you’ve ever had a bad sunburn, you do everything you can not to get one again.

The sun seems so far away as to be harmless. Don’t be deceived! Even on cloudy days the sun’s rays can still have major effects on your skin. When the sun is at its strongest, it can damage your skin in no time at all. That is why it is important to always be prepared.

What can the sun do to your skin?

Certain amounts of sunlight are beneficial to the skin for the creation of Vitamin D. UV rays, though, can be very harmful as they can burn the skin.

Besides a sunburn, prolonged UV damage to the skin can cause your skin to lose elasticity meaning wrinkles.

Having skin protection is important, because besides creating a sunburn, UV rays can also penetrate deeper layers of the skin where they can damage and even kill skin cells.

The worst effect of prolonged sun exposure over many years is skin cancer. It’s important to know what to look for and detect skin cancer early in order to treat it. The Skin Cancer Foundation has a helpful Step by Step Self ExamStep by Step Self Exam to help you check your skin.

How can you protect yourself?

Sunburns, dead skin cells, wrinkles, and skin cancer are all due to lack of skin protection while out in the sun. If you can’t avoid being out in the sun, such as days at the beach or an outdoor picnic, it is important to do your best to reduce your contact with the sun.

Here’s some helpful tips to do just that:

  • Find shade
    If you are going to the beach and know you will be there all morning, either find a spot with shade or bring your own umbrella. Alternate between spending time in the sun and water, and under the shade.
  • Lather up before you go
    In order not to forget, it’s best to put on sunscreen before you head outside. If possible, have someone apply it to hard to reach areas like your back. Make sure you don’t forget to do your face, scalp, ears, back of your neck, and tops of your feet which are all common areas that people tend to miss. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends 1 ounce of sunscreen to your whole body 30 minutes before heading outside and reapplying every 2 hours.
  • Cover up
    This is especially important for people with sensitive skin, including children and seniors. If possible, wear long sleeves, a hat, and shorts or a sarong. Don’t cause yourself to go into heat exhaustion by layering up, if you get too hot then remove the long sleeves.
  • Protect your eyes
    The Skin Cancer Foundation has a helpful article detailing how sunlight can damage your eyes. This includes diseases like eyelid cancer, macular degeneration, corneal sunburn, and more. It is important to have the proper eyewear while outside, not just to be able to see better, but to protect your eyes which are extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays.



How to Read a Sunscreen Label
The Skin Cancer Foundation

Clothing: Your First Line of Defense Infographic
The Skin Cancer Foundation

Your Eyes’ Best Defense
The Skin Cancer Foundation

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What’s wrong with fragrances?


A movement has begun, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s the move toward fragrance-free products. What’s so wrong with fragrance though? It makes everything smell nice and leaves you with a clean scent.

The move against  fragrance is because of the findings that it can  cause side effects in those with chemical sensitivities. The fragrance-free movement is also part of the move toward more natural products, as many fragrances are man-made chemicals.

The issue is referred to as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and according to WebMD it can cause:

headache,fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion, itching, sneezing, sore throat,chest pain, changes in heart rhythm, breathing problems, muscle pain or stiffness, skin rash, diarrhea, bloating, gas, confusion, trouble concentrating, memory problems, and mood changes.

The triggers for these symptoms can be caused not just by chemical fragrances but also tobacco smoke, insecticide, chlorine, new carpet, and auto exhaust fumes.

According to WebMD, although these symptoms are very real, the American Medical Association does not consider Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to be an illness. Although there is disagreement in the healthcare community as to whether this is an illness, chemicals are still an issue for people who are very sensitive to them.

Why fragrance-free?

As mentioned above, there are a growing number of people who develop symptoms like nausea, sore throat, and more, who attribute it to chemicals like fragrances.

If you have sensitive skin already, it may be best for you to start using fragrance-free products. Those with rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, and acne are at increased risk of sensitivity to chemical fragrances.

If you try a product with a fragrance and find that your skin becomes itchy or irritated, it could possibly be due to the chemical fragrance.

What are fragrances?

Fragrances are chemicals and can be found in everything from laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets to perfume, body spray, and air fresheners.

If you plan to go completely fragrance-free, you should be checking the following products:

  • Deodorant/Anti-perspirant
  • Aftershave
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Shaving cream
  • Makeup
  • Creams & Lotions
  • Hairpsray, hair products
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soaps
  • Perfume, cologne
  • Sunscreen, tanning oil
  • Insect repellent
  • Laundry cleaning products
  • General cleaning products (surface cleaners, carpet deodorizers, window cleaner, etc)
  • Air fresheners (including air sprays)
  • Candles and Incense
  • More

How to go fragrance-free

If you want to go fragrance-free, know the difference between products with that label and those that say unscented. Unscented products can contain fragrance that just have no scent.

Fragrance-free products will contain no fragrant ingredients. You may also want to look for labels that say “for sensitive skin” as these items tend to not have chemical fragrances.

When you’re buying a new product, double check to make sure it truly is fragrance-free.

You can also look at the ingredient list for any of the following:

  1. Amyl cinnamal
  2. Benzyl alchohol
  3. Cinnamyl alcohol
  4. Citral
  5. Eugenol
  6. Hydroxy-citronellal
  7. Isoeugenol
  8. Amylcin-namyl alcohol
  9. Benzyl salicylate
  10. Cinnamal
  11. Coumarin
  12. Geraniol
  13. Hydroxy-methylpentylcyclohexenecarboxaldehyd
  14. Anisyl alcohol
  15. Benzyl cinnamate
  16. Farnesol
  17. 2-(4-tert-Butylbenzyl) propionald-hyd
  18. Linalool
  19. Benzyl benzoate
  20. Citronellol
  21. Hexyl cinnam-aldehyd
  22. d-Limonene
  23. Methyl heptin carbonate
  24. 3-Methyl-4-(2,6,6-tri-methyl-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)-3-buten-2-one
  25. Oak moss and treemoss extract
  26. Treemoss extract

List provided by European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety.

Let’s hear from you!

Have you gone fragrance-free? Is it difficult to find products without fragrances? What are your favorite fragrance-free products?

Let us know in the comments below.

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