Sculpsure coming to Sarasota location

The newest Laser Lounge Spa location in Sarasota is introducing a brand new treatment!

Sculpsure is a breakthrough 25 minute body contouring service that is able to target problem areas like the abdomen and love handles, without surgery or a lengthy downtime.

Why Sculpsure?

The technology behind this service was created because although we may try to diet and exercise as much as possible, many of s still retain annoying, stubborn pockets of fat. These pockets can be very difficult to lose.

The laser used in this treatment targets and destroys those fat cells in about 25 minutes. The laser also has no affect on your skin’s surface, so don’t worry about unsightly bumps or rashes post-procedure.


These results can be seen in as little as 6-12 weeks. And the results last! Because treated fat cells will no regenerate.

One of the best parts about this process is that there is no downtime. You’re in and out of the treatment and can get on with your day.

Want to learn more about Sculpsure and all it can do? Check out their website to see before and afters, testimonials, and more.

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