Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is almost upon us. It’s your chance to try out new makeup and get creative with the application. Will you go for the witch look, zombie, vampire? Or maybe you’ll create your own look this year.

Whatever you plan to be, don’t settle on it just yet until you check out these amazing Halloween makeup tutorials. You may end up changing your mind!

Modern Vampire

Want to go for a subtle costume this year? This modern vampire look is perfectly understated.



Half Skull

This awesome half-skull look will prove to all your friends that you’re the true makeup expert.


Polyanne B Youtube

Wound Makeup

Go all out with your makeup kit and try making this realistic-looking wound. When else, other than Halloween, can you go around sporting this?


Red Lips

These red lips are perfect for that vampire costume.


Harley Quinn

Are you a comic book fan? Or did you just really enjoy Suicide Squad? If you have blonde hair, you can easily pull of this Harley Quinn look.


Masquerade Mask

It looks real, doesn’t it? Don’t settle for a boring-old mask, use your makeup skills to create one.


How to remove Halloween makeup

Now, it’s one thing to put on the makeup, it’s another to get it all off at the end of the night (you can’t sleep in it!). Here’s an article with a few quick tips on how to remove that stubborn Halloween makeup so you can get to sleep!

Use items like:

  • Vaseline
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby oil
  • Baby lotion
  • Makeup remover

Make sure you have them on hand before you go out on Halloween. The last thing you need is to run to the store, all dressed up and tired, trying to by baby oil.

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