What’s an Epiwave Facial?

If you’re been to The Laser Lounge Spa or seen our website, you’ve probably come across a treatment called “Epiwave Ultrasonic Facial”. Sounds pretty fancy, right? Let’s break down the term so you understand exactly what it means.

This is the name of the company that produces the device we use in this procedure.

This refers to the ultrasonic vibration that the device uses to clear your skin.

Each of our three types of Epiwave ultrasonic facials is used on the face.

What’s the benefit of this facial?

This type of facial is best for those with skin problems or acne, as well as those seeking the benefits of an anti-aging treatment. epiwave-ultrasonic_facial

The use of the Ultrasonic vibration is to allow for deeper cleaning of the skin. The soundwaves are also great to clean sensitive skin.

What are the types of Ultrasonic Facials?

At The Laser Lounge Spa, we offer three types of this facial:

  • Ultrasonic Peel
  • Collagen Booster Treatment
  • Stem Cell Treatment

The Ultrasonic Peel works by targeting impurities and removing dead skin cells. This leaves the skin clean and exfoliated.

Our Collagen Booster Treatment involves getting topical collagen and antioxidant products deeper into the skin, rather than just on the surface. A boost of collagen can give your skin a more youthful appearance.

The Stem Cell Treatment uses a low-level current to reach and restore injured cells. This is a great anti-aging procedure that is also pain free!

Our awesome Sarasota location made a video about the Epiwave Ultrasonic Facial treatment, so you can see just what you can expect.

What’s the Difference Between Ultrasonic Facial and Dermafile?

Dermafile is another facial treatment we offer here at The Laser Lounge Spa. Rather than using an ultrasonic device to target and remove dead skin cells, Dermafile uses patented skin polishing and resurfacing tool made of stainless steel and finely crushed diamonds.


In the treatment, this tool is used to lightly polish the skin and remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

Dermafile targets the top layer of skin, while our Epiwave Ultrasonic Facial treatments can go deeper.

Interested in finding out more? Call The Laser Lounge Spa at 239-728-1234 or visit our website at thelaserloungespa.com.

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