What are the benefits of Facial Masks?

I’m sure you know about facial masks, even if you’ve never used one. They’re typically seen as those green layers that women have on their faces before they head to bed. Face masks have grown up and matured, becoming a part of many women’s skincare routine.

A mask helps cover the skin and really penetrate it. It depends on the type of mask you use, but many will draw impurities from the skin, get rid of dead cells, as well as tone and tighten.


One of the most common type of mask ingredient is clay. Kaolin clay, like that in SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque, is a natural part of the soil and is known for absorbing oil and drawing out dirt.

Hydrating masks are used to soothe, nourish, and moisturize your face. These are perfect for those with dry skin, or during dry seasons like winter. Ingredients like white algae, yogurt, and tea can do this.

Face masks can also make your skin appear smoother and more bright. This will help minimize the look of wrinkes and other fine lines. Masks that contain extracts like acai berries or kojic acid can aid in this.

Take a look at Stylecaster.com’s article on the benefits of different types of clay such as Kaolin.

How Different Types of Clay Benefit Your Skin
By Sable Yong

Mud-masking has been around since ancient times, for good reason. Good old-fashioned earth has lots of skin benefits. While in recent times the stuff is bottled and sold (because traveling to the Dead Sea for a facial might be a wee bit impractical), the elementary ingredients intrinsically remain the same. When you think of face masks, clay probably comes to mind since so very many of them contain clay as the star component to absorb impurities and help heal your skin. Clay is great that way. As you may have noticed, clay masks come in a multitude of colors and a multitude of clays—all of which have different specialties. If you aren’t sure which one is the one to address your skin concerns, look no further than this elementary guide to clay.

Read more: http://stylecaster.com/beauty/how-different-types-of-clay-benefit-your-skin/#ixzz3wPy5CfQs

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