What you need to know about Rosacea


What is Rosacea?

Maybe you have read the term rosacea on a bottle of lotion, or maybe you have never heard of the word before. Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects around 14 million Americans. Symptoms include patches of redness, as well as inflammation in areas like the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. Those who suffer from this skin condition didn’t seen symptoms appear until around the age of 30-50. It can sometimes be misidentified as a sunburn at first.

You will realize this is different from a sunburn because the redness will last much longer than a typical sunburn. You can also get a burning feeling, as well as small red bumps or pimples that look like acne.

Some sufferers of the condition can also show visible blood vessels on their faces when they blush.

What is the cause of Rosacea?

As of now, there is no agreed upon cause. Some researchers believe it could be some of the following (provided by WebMD):
– A disorder of the blood vessels that causes them to swell and leads to redness
– A genetic problem combined with environmental factors that irritate the skin
– Clogging of skin gland openings with skin mites

What are the general symptoms of Rosacea?
– Flushing of the face
– Long-lasting redness
– Pimples and bumps
– Visible blood vessels

Other symptoms include:
– Eye irritation
– Burning sensation
– Raised red patches
– Swelling
– Thickening of skin

What are the treatments for Rosacea?
The treatments vary from case to case, some people experience more redness, while others may suffer from eye irritation. It is important to ask your doctor what the best course of action is for your particular symptoms.

There are oral and topical medications that can be used to treat skin bumps and pimples. As for other symptoms, like visible blood vessels, surgery or laser treatment is an option.

It is important that your skincare routine is gentle. Those suffering from rosacea should clean with a mild cleanser, and use a soft washcloth. Make sure the skincare products are non-irritating. It may be best to find ones specifically for those with Rosacea.

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