Winter Isn’t Far Away- Cold Weather Skin Tips


Summer seems like it went by so fast! It’s hard to believe that kids are already back in school, and that fall is nearing. With fall comes cooler temperatures and weather changes. Those of us living in southwest Florida don’t have to worry too much, but if you plan to head up north you need to take some skincare precautions. We are so used to humid, moist weather. When our skin finally comes into contact with cold, dry air, it can react dramatically. It’s important to plan ahead if you are planning some fall or winter getaways.

Luckily Real Simple magazine has you covered! Read the article below to find out the best tips for protecting your skin from the cold.

Winter Skin Care Tips
By Sue Chung
Real Simple Magazine

Between the harsh weather outside and the blasting heat inside, your skin needs extra TLC during the colder months. Here are some quick pointers.

As Time Goes By

As it matures, your skin grows less able to protect itself from moisture loss. Start using a lotion containing sunscreen early, then follow these guidelines according to your age.

  • In your 30s: Add products with AHAs or retinol to your regimen to help prevent fine lines on your face and forestall age spots and loss of elasticity elsewhere.
  • In your 40s: Switch to a thicker, petrolatum-based formula for your body and to a product containing either glycerin or hyaluronic acid for your face.
  • In your 50s and beyond: With the onset of menopause, your skin’s natural oil production stalls. Apply moisturizers with high levels of petrolatum more frequently.

Read more of this article on Real Simple’s website.

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