Local Man Gets a Chance to Turn His Life Around


We’re a business in the business of helping everyone look their best. That may be through Botox, laser hair removal, Fraxel Laser treatments, or even eyebrow and eyelash enhancements. We have treatments for nearly everything! That also includes tattoo removal. We understand that some decisions can be regretted as time goes on, and tattoos shouldn’t have to be there as a reminder of that.

Our tattoo removal treatment helps give those wanting to forget about their ink a chance to renew their skin. That is where we met John Coons, a local man who ended up getting a tattoo he greatly regrets.

The Naples Herald wrote a wonderful piece on our journey to help Mr. Coons get a new lease on life. After hearing about the issues his facial tattoo has cost him, we had to help. Coons now has children, a wife, and struggles to find work because of the stigma around his tattoo.

We’re happy to be helping him start fresh. Because a mistake made in the past should not hold you back forever. He will be receiving eight rounds of treatment over the next few months. Mr. Coons has enrolled in Florida Southwestern State to pursue computer networking, and hopes to get a corporate job in the future.

Read the Naples Herald article on Mr. Coons’ journey to remove his facial tattoo.

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