Natural Homemade Face Masks

If you are buying natural face masks, why not make them yourself?! The ingredients that benefit your skin in these masks are readily available. This includes fruits, vegetables, honey, flowers, yogurt, clay, and more. Here are some of our favorite picks! When testing out these masks, use just a small amount on your face to ensure no reactions or sensitivities occur.

Yogurt and Green Clay Mask 
Yogurt, especially the Greek kind, is great for refining your pores. Add a bit of honey and your skin will be looking plump and young, as well as making it soft and allowing moisture to be retained. Add in some green clay powder and you have a beneficial face mask!  (Via Victoriamcginley)

Avocado Face Mask
Avocado is beneficial not just for eating but for your skin as well. It is full of oleic acids, phytosterols, and monostaturated fats. It will keep your skin refreshed and moisturized. (Drkarenslee)

Edible “Mud” Mask
This mask from Essentially Eclectic combines 6 tasty ingredients to treat your face. It’s called mud because it resembles mud when you add in the cocoa powder. (Essentially Eclectic)

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