What’s the Dermapen?

Have you had a chance to try our latest service? The Dermapen is a revolutionary micro-needling device which helps tighten, rejuvenate, and lift skin. It’s an amazing device that you need to see to believe.

How does it work?
The Dermapen has two parts: a disposable needle tip which has 12 micro-needles, and an electric handle which provides the power to the needle. The needle tip is disposable for optimum safety and health of the patient. The tip moves at a rate of over 100 revolutions per second! It’s extremely fast, if you couldn’t already tell by that number.

The needle makes contact with the skin and creates small holes. This causes what is called micro-trauma. This will create an immune response which brings in healthy new collagen to repair the holes. These holes also act as channels to carry any topical treatments to deliver to deeper layers of skin.

The beauty of the Dermapen is its speed. Because the tip moves so quickly, it can easily glide across the skin without causing dermal tearing.

Why should I use a Dermapen?
The Dermapen shows results that are similar, and, in some cases, better results than a fractional laser. It is also safer than traditional skin needling rollers (the beauty of technology at work). The Dermapen can also regulate speed and adjust the depth at which the needle punctures. Because of the pen shape, it can treat hard to reach places.

The Dermapen is useful for:
– Stretch marks
– Pigmentation
– Acne scars
– Wrinkles
– Fine lines
– Surgical scars
– Trauma scars
– Much more!

Call today to find out how the Dermapen can help you get your skin looking how you want. Contact us at 239-728-1234 and we’ll gladly give you more information on this wonderful new service.

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