Summer Skincare Tips


It’s Florida and it’s summer, so that means the sun is even stronger than the rest of the year. Believe us, it’s imperative you protect your skin, especially during this time. We’ll give you some summer skincare tips to help get you through the sun soaked months.

Take a Cold Shower
Cold showers aren’t the most pleasant way to bathe, but they’re necessary. After being out in the sun, it’s important to keep away from a hot shower. The hot water can dry your skin. The cool water will help decrease the chance of an acne breakout.

Wear a hat
Even though we put sunscreen all over, there’s always the chance we miss a spot. This is especially important for our faces. Wearing a wide brim hat will help prevent the chance for sunburns.

Get Bug Spray
The last thing you need when you head outside is to get bit by those pesky mosquitoes. The itchy bumps they leave can be tough to avoid scratching. Be sure you apply bug spray if you plan to head out and have some anti-itch cream just in case you get a bite or two.

Don’t go for cheap dollar store sunglasses. You need to protect your eyes, cause you can’t get them replaced. Make sure they offer UVA and UVB protection.

Have aloe handy
If you do happen to get a nasty burn while out on the sand or water, you’ll need to treat it. Aloe is a natural and effective coolant that will help suppress the burn and heal it over time.

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