Keep Your Face Clean


The best way to keep your face clean is to keep out toxins. Then you need to ensure you have a proper face cleaning ritual. We’ll give you a list of common items in your bathroom that could possibly end up on your face. It’s important to keep them away because they can do more harm than good.

Although shampoo is amazing at cleaning your hair, it’s not so great on your face. The ingredients in shampoo isn’t meant for your delicate face. They can also contain fragrances which may irritate your face.

Body Lotion
As the name says, it’s meant for the body! It shouldn’t be used on your face. These lotions are usually thicker than facial lotion and sometimes contain fragrances which can irritate your skin.

Nail Polish
Alright, why would I put that on my face? During Halloween or a costume party, you may put heavy makeup or costume blood on your face. It may be easy to remove it with nail polish, but you should refrain. The acrylic in the polish can dry your skin out.

Well this one is a bit silly, but some people really do it! Although it helps keep your underarms from smelling, it shouldn’t be used on your face.

Hair Spray
There’s a myth about hair spray being used to remove makeup. Even if it works, it shouldn’t be put on your face. It contains harsh chemicals like lacquer and alcohol which can damage your skin.

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