Younger Looking Skin with Collagen Rich Foods

How do you get younger looking skin without going under the knife? Your diet plays a major role in keeping your skin young, healthy, and radiant. The key ingredients in this process are collagen and elastin. They give our cells structure, causing them to look plump giving our skin a full appearance. Activities like smoking and being out in the sun can cause these skin cells to thin out. This thinning can cause wrinkles and leave you with unhealthy skin. When collagen and elastin are depleted you will also experience wrinkles. These two proteins start to run out as we age. So how do we make sure our body still creates some? You’ll want to eat these collagen and elastin rich foods to give your body and skin what it needs.

Vitamin C
Collagen and Elastin are created from vitamin C in your body. The proteins from vitamin C help make your skin firm and supple. This vitamin also acts as an antioxidant and supports the immune system, giving you both health and beauty benefits. It is recommended that you have 75-90 milligrams of vitamin C daily. This can come from citrus fruits, red peppers, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

This is an amino acid that is used to build collagen. Your body needs this amino acid but doesn’t produce it on its own. You will need to provide it in the foods you eat. These can be red meats, cheese, and nuts.

Men require about 2.3 milligrams and women 1.8 milligrams of manganese each day. Foods like pineapple, whole grains, leafy greens, and pecans contain manganese. Foods like seaweed also are high in this mineral.


Copper is used to knit together collagen and elastin to create strong skin. It can be found in meat, shellfish, nuts, seeds, whole grains. It’s recommended you eat about .9 milligrams of copper each day.

No not jello! Well actually it is the ingredient that makes Jello jiggle. But gelatin is actually a protein found in animal products, usually bones and hides. Foods rich in gelatin can help your body manufacture collagen.

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