The Benefits of Candela Laser Hair Removal

There are many hair removal options out there: waxing, shaving, laser removal. Shaving is likely the most popular but it is time consuming and you have to do it every few days. Waxing offers a longer-lasting result, but many find the process very painful. Laser hair removal utilizes the latest technology to provide a quick, comfortable, and effective treatment. It can target hairs on the underarms, bikini area, lip/chin, toes, fingers, sideburns, legs, back, arms, and shoulders.

care for beautiful woman bodyThe best laser hair removal service comes from the Candela laser. Their GentleLASE 755 nm alexandrite laser is the premier hair removal device. It utilizes their Dynamic Cooling Device to ensure patient comfort and safety. The only downside is that this treatment works best on dark pigments. But electrolysis hair removal treatments work great for light pigments like blonde, red, and grey.

This video below will show just how the Candela Laser Hair Removal device works, as well as the results one can expect.

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