Halloween Skin Care Guide

Halloween is right around the corner and for some that means major makeup applications are applied.
Before you Apply your Costume Makeup
You spent hours preparing your costume, applying makeup, getting ready in the mirror, but eventually you will have to take it all off. How can you be sure that your skin is not affected by these dyes, paints, and glitter? One important step before you even apply anything to your face is to use a silicone-based moisturizer. This moisturizer will create a shield between your face and your Halloween makeup. The silicone will prevent your face from becoming irritated by the chemicals in the face paint or glitter you choose to apply for your costume.
After the Night is Over
So you have your silicon moisturizer and have applied your costume paint, now it’s time to enjoy the night! Once you get back though, be sure you don’t fall asleep without removing the paint, glitter, or dye you have applied. Leaving it on can cause breakouts, especially because the makeup has likely mixed with the sweat and oil you produced during the night. Be sure you have an oil-based cleanser which can remove heavy makeup without making your skin sensitive. It is important to use one that is oil-based, as oil will attract oil. The oil in this cleanser is essential for removing waterproof products that you have applied, such as adhesives for items like glue-on eyelashes. If you used heavy makeup or thick creams, be sure to wash twice or you may experience an acne breakout or even an allergic reaction.
Post Makeup Cleanse
After your skin has been cleansed thoroughly with the oil-based cleanser, it is recommended that you use a leave on exfoliant. Be sure the exfoliant has a salicylic acid base, as it can help clear out clogged pores and let them breath. Another tip is to buy a deep cleansing face mask, or make your own. This way you can be certain your pores are thoroughly cleansed.
And for the last tip, be sure to have fun! Don’t worry too much about your makeup until the night is through. Make sure to drink lots of water through the night, and eat something substantial, not just candy.
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