15 Easy Anti-Aging Tips Every Woman Should Know!

400x293xshutterstock_80662738-400x293.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Pr7sIYQMtsEvery woman worries about aging. We, as a society, spend so much time and money trying to prevent ourselves from looking older that sometimes we forget that there are things we can do everyday that will help prevent some of the biggest signs of aging. 

1. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. They will drastically reduce wrinkles between your eyebrows from squinting. It will also prevent wrinkles from forming around your eyes. 

2. Eat Berries 

Antioxidant properties make them effective anti-aging food 

3. Wear Hats 

Much like sunglasses, protecting your face and neck from the sun will cut down on wrinkles 

4. Eating Dark Chocolate 

Researchers have found that eating (or drinking) dark chocolate can actually help protect the skin from harmful effects of UV exposure 

5. Exercise 

Running and working out gets your blood flowing which keeps skin looking young and radiant.

6. Drink Red Wine 

Drinking red wine not only reduces stress (one of the leading causes of aging poorly) but it also is packed with antioxidants which have countless benefits when it comes to fighting aging.

7. Use Wrinkle-Reducing Creams and Moisturizers 

Anti-aging creams and moisturizers actually work.

8. Eat Beans 

Beans are jam-packed with countless nutrients that help with anti-aging. In addition to being a great source of low-fat protein, beans are also high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Eat a couple of handfuls of beans everyday and your body will thank you.

9. Use Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is probably the single most important component to help fight aging.

shutterstock_120631279-400x32210. Drink Lots of Water 

Drinking lots of water is the easiest (not to mention cheapest) way to make sure you stay looking young 

11. Eat Spinach 

Eating a healthy portion of spinach every day will help eliminate cellulite and keep your skin glowing.

12. Take Supplements 

Eating the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables and nutrients every day is next to impossible for most people. For this reason, it’s important to take a multi-vitamin supplement everyday which will give your body the nutrients it needs.

13. Get a Good Nights Sleep – Every Night! 

Getting a good night sleep is the easiest way to make sure your face and body don’t look old and haggard. Sleeping well keeps you stress free and energized.

14. Quit Drinking and Smoking 

With the exception of a glass or two of red wine a day, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking (separately or together) is one of the fastest ways to looking years older than you are.

15. Ditch the Make Up 

Cream foundations and powder foundations are your worst enemy. As you get older, fine wrinkles around your eyes and mouth are inevitable. You can decrease them by using creams and moisturizers but you won’t be able to eliminate them completely. When you apply cream or powder foundations to these areas, the makeup seeps into the wrinkles making them appear way more noticeable than they were when your face was free of makeup. Throw these products in the trash and you’ll look years younger instantly.

Read more about these anti-aging tips on the Active Beat 

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