Summer Skin Care Tips

The summertime is a wondrous time of year and in Southwest Florida, the sunshine lasts all year long . Most of us at The Laser Lounge Spa can agree, summer is one of our favorite times of year, but with this carefree season can bring harmful side effects to our skin. To keep the shine in your skin all summer long follow these expert recommended tips:

1) Find the right sunscreen for your skin type

Remember when you were little and your mother always said to wear your sunscreen when you went outside? Well, your mother was right. Sunscreen is a vital part to caring for your skin not just in the summer but all year round. However, finding the right sunscreen can be the tricky part. If you are acne prone, try an oil free sunscreen with about 15-20 SPF. If you have dry skin stay away from spray and gel sunscreen, opt for the more lotion based sunscreen. If you harbor sensitive skin, try a fragrance free sunscreen.

2) Preload sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure

All this talk about sunscreen, and about 30% of the time people don’t apply often or apply before they get into the sun. If you have the sunscreen use it! Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and make sure to reapply if you have fair skin or the sun is really strong on a particular day.

3) Exfoliate more often

Exfoliating the skin involves cleaning the dead skin off the epidermis. It leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. Exfoliation is crucial in the summer because of all the time in the sun. The sun can make the skin super dry. Exfoliating more often will cleanse the skin and rid them of blackheads and forming acne caused by dry skin and clogging pores.

4) Switch to summer makeup

Summer makeup should always be lighter and have an SPF in it to protect the skin. Your face makeup and primer should be 10 SPF, you can also use a lip balm with SPF for extra sensitive lips. The eye makeup should be light to avoid greasy looks. Go for a waterproof lash to last at the beach or the pool!

5) Don’t over wash

Over washing is not healthy for the face at all. Simply put, over washing strips the natural oils from our skin. In turn, this makes the skin dry and a need to add more moisture on. All in all, if you over wash it will just make one buy more moisturizers that are unnecessary.

6) Use cold yogurt on your sun burn

Everyone has a home remedy! If you are sun burnt it can be a rough few days, with the stares from people, the jokes about looking like a lobster and especially the pain of the sunburn itself. To relive some of the pain, rub cold yogurt on the affected areas, and leave on for 20 minutes at a time. Yogurt has a healthy dose of lactic acid, which gently smoothes rough skin.

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