Essential Oil Remedies for all of our Summertime Needs

Essential Oils are extracted from plants in a highly concentrated form. Because of this concentration they more rapidly enter the blood stream getting vital nutrients to your body faster. The use of these plant-derived oils has been dated back to ancient Egypt and is a wonderful addition to any family’s health care arsenal! Today we’re talking about easy remedies for all our Summertime needs:

Allergies, bug repellent and treatment, car sickness from all your fun Summer road trips, aches and pains, and more. Here are the recipes you’ll need, keep reading after the jump below to hear the run down of how much to use, why it works, and even more remedies (sunscreen and burns!):

oilcollage2-512x1024 lays out all the summer benefits of essential oils below:

Did you know?

  • Lavender acts as a natural antihistamine.
  • Peppermint helps with sinus headache and opens airways.
  • Citrus Oils help clear stuffy noses.

Take 2-3 drops each of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oil in an empty veggie capsule, twice daily. (This seriously works, promise!)

Apply a few drops of Breathe Respiratory Blend and lime essential oil topically over bridge of nose, forehead, chest and bottoms of feet (may use fractionated oil as a carrier) to cleanse and soothe airways.

Diffuse essential oils aromatically to help breathe easily throughout the day!

Other oils to try: Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Wild Orange.


Insects and other outdoor pests can really “bug” while you’re exploring the outdoors. Protect yourself from those pesky bites by using DoTerra’s repellent essential oil blend, Terrashield. Apply several drops to exposed skin and openings in clothing before outdoor activity. Re-apply every 4-6 hours or as needed (use in a spray bottle for easy application!)

Other oils that deter insects: Clove, Lavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Thyme, Rosemary, White Fir.

Soothe the itch: Apply a few drops of lavender oil or Purify blend to mosquito bites or bee stings to help relieve the pain and itching.

Protect yourself and the ones you love from the hot summer sun with a natural sunscreen:

½ cup olive oil
¼ cup fractionated coconut oil
¼ cup beeswax
2 T zinc oxide
1 tsp vitamin E
2 T shea butter
12 drops helichrysum essential oil

Combine all ingredients except zinc oxide in a glass mixing bowl. Fill medium sauce pan with a few inches of water over medium heat. Place the glass bowl over the saucepan to create a double boiler. Stir ingredients occasionally as they melt. When ingredients are combined thoroughly, add the zinc oxide and stir well. Pour into mason jar and store in cool place.

Sunburn Soother: Combine 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 ounces fractionated coconut oil in a spray bottle and spritz on topically to take the sting out of sunburned skin.


What’s summer break without a good old-fashioned road trip? 4 kids, a hubby and a dog in one mini van COULD be a recipe for disaster, right? Here are a few tips to keep your family happy and healthy on the road:

A Jolt of Happy: Wild orange and other citrus oils can boost the mood and up your energy! Put a few drops of wild orange essential oil in your palm, rub palms together and place in front of the air conditioning vents for an aromatic “happy” boost! I like to combine with a few drops of peppermint when I’m getting sleepy and need a pick me up!

Clean Hands
Keep those little hands clean and sanitary with a do-it-yourself spray without the alcohol. Combine 5 drops Melaleuca, 5 drops onGuard protective blend in a spray bottle with 2 ounces fractionated coconut oil. Spray on hands and rub together…clean and fresh!

Headache or Car Sick? Try a few drops of Peppermint essential oil on the temples and back of the neck to relieve pain and tension (and then put your head phones on and tune out the noise!)

Calm the Troops: Apply a few drops of Lavender or Balance grounding blend to bottoms of feet, behind the ears, on wrists to calm and encourage naptime in the car. (Not for the driver!)

Emergency Essentials: Being prepared is half the battle. Keep your car, backpack, purse, beach bag or fanny pack fully stocked with emergency essentials so you are prepared for whatever summer throws your way!


“OWIES”: Combine 10 drops white fir and 10 drops lavender in two ounces fractionated coconut oil in a spray bottle for a mild, soothing spray that takes the sting out of everyday cuts and scrapes.

Apply a few drops of Helichrysum essential oil to a clean wound to stop bleeding and promote tissue healing.

No first aid kit would be complete without Frankincense. An amazing anti-inflammatory oil, apply topically to skin irritations, wounds and other injuries to prevent infection and encourage healthy healing (and avoid scarring!)

Deep Blue rub is a must have for sore muscles and sprains. Apply topically where it hurts!

Too many treats? Tame that tummy with a few drops of DigestZen digestive blend topically on upset stomachs.

North, South, East, West, whichever direction your summer plans may take you, using essential oils along the way can make the ride a lot more joyful. Here’s to a safe, happy, memorable summer.

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