What is Essential Oil?

doTERRA-logoLast night, The Laser Lounge Spa hosted  a great event showcasing doTERRA and all the health and wellness benefits of essential oils. The results are amazing and powerful, but many people are still unaware of everything essential oils can do for you.

What Is an Essential Oil? 

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease and play a role in plant pollination. So how does this benefit me? Essential oils are immediately absorbed into the skin and have incredible medicinal and therapeutic benefits and people are starting to notice! Modern scientific study and trends toward more holistic approaches to wellness are driving a revival and new discovery of essential oil.

doTERRA oilsnew

So many to choose from 

From Basil to Grapefruit to Lemongrass, each oil has a specific purpose. Ranging in price from $14 to $150, there is no shortage of essential oils to choose from. White Fir Essential Oil is derived from the soft needles of the White Fir tree and known for its ability to relieve and soothe muscle aches and pains. Wild Orange is for energizing and revitalizing and often used to uplift mood. Black Pepper is an antioxidant oil and is known to improve circulation, aid digestive systems and help curb urges to smoke. Juniper Berry helps relieve tension and stress. 

Long story short, there are TOO many to choose from. The good news is, there are pre made blends so depending on your need, you can get Balance for anxiety, AromaTouch to relax muscles or Breathe for respiratory problems.

If you have any questions on essential oils and doTERRA, give The Laser Lounge Spa a call at 239.728.1234 and ask for April.


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