Get Your Skin Ready for Summer!

ImageSummer is just around the corner, which means you’ll likely be showing a lot more skin. Here are some quick tips you can use to make sure your skin is ready for the the summer heat!


First things first: take a close look at your skin. Look for any moles or blemishes that have grown since you last looked, and if anything catches your attention, see your doctor right away!


Dryness is the main lasting damage from colder weather, and the best way to deal with it up front is to intake a lot of water.  Drink up!


Sunblock expires, in case you didn’t know!  In fact, anything with SPF protection built into it can expire, so go through your items, and make sure everything is still good.  If it isn’t, stop by The Laser Lounge Spa and stock up on new products!


Scrub and exfoliate your skin completely.  Colder weather makes your skin dry and rough, so help get it back to springtime form by helping your natural skin shedding process along!  We have products and treatments galore just for this sort of thing at TheLaser Lounge Spa.


Perhaps you’ve been neglecting some unsightly body hair that you would normally never tolerate?  Come in to The Laser Lounge Spa and let us help.  A fresh set oflaser hair removal treatments, or less comprehensive hair removal methods, can reveal the glowing skin underneath the hair.  And remember, just shaving or waxing it on your own might just irritate the skin underneath, especially if it has been some time since your last appointment.  Let the professionals handle this!


Your natural oils aren’t being stripped away anymore once the weather gets warm, and stays warm consistently.  Switching to a gentler, less abrasive soap will help your skin fully regain its natural moisture.  Be sure to pay special attention to areas that are frequently exposed, like the hands, when you wash!  And on that note…


Again, your skin is naturally moister once winter ends, which means you’re stripping away your natural skin protection when you stand under the shower head for too long.  Don’t go over 10 minutes unless you have to!

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