Face skin is different than chest skin

SkincareHere’s a great interview Obagi conducted with Dr. Schlessinger,

board-certified dermatologist and founder of Skin Specialists P.C. and LovelySkin.com, about the difference between face skin and chest skin. There is actually a lot of difference, and it’s important to treat each area appropriately.
Read the full interview on Obagi.com here.
Here’s what Dr. Schlessinger has to say about the skin on our chest and neck…
The skin on our chest is more susceptible to daily damage than other areas of our body because we often forget to provide protection. The skin in this area is also thinner than other areas of the body, so it is more prone to the signs of aging. Additionally, there are few products that address this area and most laser procedures are tough to perform on this area due to the delicate skin. That’s one reason that Obagi ELASTIderm® Décolletage System is a great choice for this area.
Deep wrinkles on the neck and chest can be minimized with creams and serums. These treatments can firm skin and promote collagen production to help reduce the depth of wrinkles and soften the appearance of fine lines. Obagi ELASTIderm Décolletage System is a skin care system containing two products specifically designed to address wrinkles and pigmentation on the neck and chest. When used regularly, these products can improve the appearance, tone and texture of your skin.
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