Dads need a trip to the spa too – now more than ever

More and more dads are heading to the spa than ever before. The sales of Father’s Day gift cards for spa treatments have gone up dramatically this year, and sales overall have increased by a lot over the last several years. It’s encouraging to see people catching up with the times. Spa trips are not just for women; skin is skin, whether you are male or female, and everyone deserves some relaxation and rejuvenation in their lives.This is a great article by Susie Ellis, a well-known spa industry expert and writer at We’ve included a few of our favorite passages, and you can read her full article here.

A Father’s Day Surprise: Dads & Spas

Fathers Day 751336 A Fathers Day Surprise:  Dads & SpasA Father’s Day Surprise: Dads & Spas
by Susie Ellis

Quite a Father’s Day surprise. Yesterday I received an email from Steve Kane, who is a senior vice president at SpaFinder, with some extremely interesting data. Apparently Father’s Day gift card and gift certificate sales this year have increased quite dramatically. That means that most day spas out there, if they did a Father’s Day promotion, would have also seen large increases. Some may have even doubled their business from last year!


men going to spas has now become a norm rather than an exception. Spas which have attempted for years to attract men to their facilities for therapeutic massage services or grooming experiences, have gotten their message across.

Taking into account the economically turbulent times makes this increase even more significant. It may also indicate that current stressful times have caused people to think about the value of something nurturing and positive for the men in their lives. Rather than buying dads another tie or tool for the garage, people valued giving dad a break.
Here is how I would sum it up:
1. Men going to spas is now mainstream
2. People recognize that in stressful times, men need help de-stressing
3. Experiences are trumping ‘things’ as gifts for men
4. A new generation is thinking Fathers & Spa go together
5. The spa business is somewhat recession-proof (like alcohol and lipsticks)
It may be a funny thing to get excited about….but I consider this an ‘ah ha!’ moment for our industry and just wanted to share it with you.
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